Construction and design of wooden structures

Our company performs the whole complex of works on the construction of turnkey wooden houses from the project to the finishing.

Our main specialization is the design and construction of suburban wooden houses, including frame houses and log houses.

We do not just design and build, but represent your interests at the construction site. We organize the entire construction process, monitor the procurement of materials, select and coordinate contractors, conduct technical and architectural supervision of the construction of the facility and are responsible for our work. That is, we perform the function of customer service and project manager.

This approach to the construction of a country house is legislatively fixed in some Scandinavian and Western countries. We are convinced that this is the only way to order the construction of a turnkey wooden house, save your time and effort, get rid of overpayments, achieve maximum quality, meet deadlines and truly independent technical supervision.

All this ensures that your house will not only be durable, durable and comfortable, but also exactly as you conceived!

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