Modular houses

Modular house construction technology

It’s no secret that it is almost impossible to find cheap housing in the modern world. Yes, this is understandable, because starting construction from scratch, you will inevitably face the high cost of consumables and labor. An alternative solution to this problem is a new round in the development of affordable housing – modular houses for year-round living. With each year becoming more and more popular, frame houses provide an increasing number of people with their own homes.

What are modular homes for year-round use

A modular house for permanent residence is a structure that is assembled from special modules, or so-called sections, which have their own individual purpose – a kitchen, a bathroom, a living room. Each of the parts is autonomous in itself, but together they form a single structure that is great for living and is no different from traditional houses.
Modular houses of a modern design are provided with all the amenities necessary for a long and comfortable stay, for example, ventilation, heating, sewerage, running water and others.

Advantages and disadvantages of modular houses

Like any new technology, modular homes for year-round use have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Having carefully studied and weighed each of these points, you can make a decision for yourself – whether to give preference to this type of housing, or to stay true to the traditional. The variety of modular homes is not limited by any architectural or planning parameters. Due to the various combinations and joining of blocks, the structure can take on a wide variety of forms.

Advantages of modular houses:

• the fastest possible construction of a house;
• the possibility of building a new, beautiful and comfortable house even on the most unsuitable land plots for construction;
• strength and durability of modular structures;
• excellent isolation from the factors of the outside world, which significantly saves energy costs for heating;
• the possibility of improvement and various modifications of the structure;
• the cost of such a house is much lower than even a one-room apartment;
• the weight of modular buildings can also be attributed to its advantages – one module weighs about 2.5-3 tons. This allows the installation of the building without the participation of heavy construction equipment. An ordinary crane will suffice. For transporting the structure, minimal costs will also be needed;
• an unusual advantage of modular structures, not available for other houses – mobility. As strange as it sounds, you can now move with your home. During the manufacture of modules, the possibility of re-assembly and disassembly is laid in them. Therefore, by ordering a truck and a special crane, you can always take your home with you.

Disadvantages of modular houses:

• transportation can be expensive if the manufacturer is far enough from your construction site;
• multi-storey modular houses are losing their mobility due to their excessive size;
• not all manufacturers are responsible for their work, which can negatively affect the quality of the finished product.

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